In part two of this episode of The Glass Is Half Full, Richard Killen interviews David Grossman, a Toronto mortgage broker with Rock Your Mortgage.

In the interview, they cover the following:

  • How do RESPS and other assets come into play during a bankruptcy?
  • Mortgage insurance- is it worth it?
  • Can a mortgage broker help people use their equity if they have a bad credit rating or are in debt?
  • Should I use my equity to pay off my consumer proposal in full?
  • Can I re-establish my credit after a bankruptcy or proposal?
  • Can I get a mortgage with a bank I declared bankruptcy with previously?
  • Will I lose my house in bankruptcy?
  • Why should someone with debt issues talk to a mortgage broker?
  • The story behind the Glass Is Half Full book.

This is part two of a two-part video interview with David. You can watch Part one here.