Richard Killen, CIRP

Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

With 35 years experience in the insolvency field, both as a trustee and as a regulator, as well as a prior 7 years in consumer credit, Richard brings an interesting and perhaps unique perspective to the issues surrounding consumer credit, bankruptcy and consumer proposals.

With a reasonable degree of foresight and planning, coupled to a disciplined approach to day-to-day decisions, there is little reason for anyone to fall into the abyss of financial failure – personal or commercial. But what can we do, as a lender, a borrower, or an advisor, when the best laid plans “gang aft agley”, as they used to say in the Burns household? Better yet, what can be done before this happens?

As a trustee Richard can shed light on what is generally an opaque and mysterious situation, providing insight on how best to avoid pitfalls and minimize losses, at whatever stage the situation may have evolved. It’s never too late to turn a glass from half-empty to at least half-full.

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