This episode is about financial literacy: understanding the financial products you are buying such as mortgages and insurance to ensure you are not over or underbuying..

My guest today is John Shmuel. He is the Director of Content Strategy for Before joining the team, he spent seven years covering investing and economics for the National Post. His reporting has taken him around the world — from a lobster fishing boat on the Bay of Fundy to a robot fitness class in Tokyo. Hosted by Richard Killen, a Toronto Licensed Insolvency Trustee and author of the book “The Glass Is Half Full”.

Some of the topics they discuss are:

  • Understanding the Financial Products You are Buying
  • Why Insurance Shouldn’t Be at the Bottom of Your List
  • Broker or Insurance Company: What Should You Choose?
  • How to Shop for Mortgages
  • Comparing Your Options before Making Your Buying Decision

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